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neMESYS syringe pumps

The ultimate syringe pump!

  • modular and extremely pulseless
  • from nl - l/min
  • up to 13000psi
  • up to 40 modules in a line
  • outstanding control software - QmixElements
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rotAXYS 360

the new compact positioning system with high performance in a small space

  • large lifting stroke
  • 360° rotation range
  • powerful software package
  • small footprint
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Qmix Modules

expand the neMESYS syringe pump system as per your needs

  • Tempering Modules
  • Valve Modules
  • Pressure Measurement Modules
  • I/O- and Detection Modules
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ceLED LED Arrays

precise, selective irradiation for laboratory applications:

  • customizable wavelength and intensity
  • well defined spectrum
  • precise adjustment of brightness
  • easy to use software
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Our software solution for instrument control and automation of laboratory processes:

  • for all cetoni devices
  • simple, clean interface
  • customizable and extendable
  • automate processes using drag & drop
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