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Products neMESYS Syringe Pumps

Pulsation free, highly precise and nanoliter accurate high-end syringe pumps

Perfectly suited for microfluidics

Dosing of fluids in microfluidic environments for screening applications and miniaturized syntheses

Made for Lab-on-Chip Applications

for various lab-on-chip applications e.g. DNA-amplification (PCR-chip)

For a growing number of applications in microfluidics, flow chemistry, and microreaction technology, it is important to generate fluid streams with a minimum of pulsation. Extremely small flow rates in the nanoliter range require the highest precision and maximum speed stability. Through the PID-controlled servo drives, high-precision mechanical components, and quality construction, the neMESYS syringe pumps are perfectly suited for this application fields.
More information about neMESYS pump technology...

  • Overview

    Technics and module overview.

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  • Low Pressure (290N)

    Pulsation free fluid transport down to nanolitres per minute.

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  • Mid Pressure (1000N)

    Mid pressure pumps (max. 200 bar) for the precise injection of fluids into systems with higher pressures or for working with more viscous fluids...

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  • High Pressure (2600N)

    These pumps (max. 510 bar) are perfectly for the precise injection of fluids into high pressure systems or for working with very viscous fluids...

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  • Ultra High Pressure (7000N)

    Highly accurate dosing of small volumes and flow rates under extreme pressures up to 890 bar with the neMESYS Ultra High Pressure Pumps...

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  • OEM

    Highly accurate OEM pumps for integration into your devices and systems

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  • Software

    Comprehensive software package for the realization of sophisticated dosing applications in microfluidics and in the field of flow chemistry...

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  • Integration

    No matter which control solution you use - we offer the right solution for the integration of neMESYS syringe pumps.

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