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I/O Modules Input / Output Module Qmix I/O

Input / Output Module Qmix I/O

Innovative Terminal System

for quick and easy connection and removal of signal lies

Status-LEDs for each single channel

Input and Output Module Qmix I/O

Integrate external devices and sensors easily

The Qmix I/O module extends each Qmix system by a variety of analog and digital inputs and outputs. This makes it extremely easy to integrate external sensors and devices into an existing Qmix setup.

With the innovative contact terminals of the I/O module, signal lines can be connected and removed easily and quickly.

Input / Output Module Qmix I/O

Technical data

Qmix I/O module with terminal system for easy connection of external sensors and signal lines
  • 8 digital inputs (e.g. for external trigger signals)
  • 8 digital outputs (e.g. for switching external devices)
  • 4 valve outputs for connection of digital switch valves
  • 6 analog inputs 0..10V (for reading of external sensors)
  • 2 PT100 temperatur sensor inputs
  • 4 analog outputs 0..10V

QmixElements I/O Plugin

All I/O channels at a glance

The QmixElements I/O plugin allows easy and fast access to all analog and digital input and output channels in your Qmix system. Here are some highlights:

  • individual labeling of all channels possible - optimum adaptation to your application
  • scaling (factor and offset) and units of the analog inputs and outputs simply and easily configurable
  • scripting functions for automated setting of digital and analog outputs from QmixElements script programs