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Overview Modules

Base module 600

power supply and PC interface for the following modules

neMESYS syringe pump modules

for precise and pulsation free dosing tasks

Qmix V

custom multi-port valve module for more complex fluidic circuits

Qmix Q+

versatile heating module for high temperature demands

Qmix Q-

Peltier-based, precise temperature control for heating and cooling demands

Qmix p

for pressure measurements of two independent channels

Qmix I/O

for integration of external devices and sensors into QmixElements software

Qmix λ (lambda)

online spectrometer for UV, VIS or NIR application with adjustable measurement-path length


for automated and serial sample handling
  • Base module 600

    Base module 600

    The Qmix Base module provides the power for the following Qmix components. Each base unit gets connected to the PC directly via the integrated USB interface.

  • Syringe pump module neMESYS

    Syringe pump module neMESYS

    The modular neMESYS precision syringe pumps offer pulsation free fluid-flows down to nanolitre scale. Depending from the pressure requirements are different types of modules available.

  • Peristaltic pump module peRISYS

    Peristaltic pump module peRISYS

    The peRISYS precision peristaltic pumps combine the well proven principle of a peristaltic pump with the modular and extensible Qmix bus technology. Thus they allow integration of peristaltic pumps into each Qmix microreaction system.

  • Syringe stirrer module neMIX

    Syringe stirrer module neMIX

    By using the neMIX Sttirring modules the syringe content will be stirred homogeneously while the entire dosing task. These modules suiting well for application with fast sedimenting mixtures (aqueous to viscose).

  • Heating module Qmix Q+

    Heating module Qmix Q+

    The various Qmix Q+ heating modules consisting of a thermal adjustable reactor zone for different micro-mixers (chip) and further an adjustable, capillar-based reaction loop.

  • Cooling module Qmix Q-

    Cooling module Qmix Q-

    The cooling module Qmix Q- contains a thermoelectric peltier element for precise cooling and heating of a chip reactor (various types available). This could be of interest in terms of exothermic reactions or various critical processes to further improve system stability.

  • Temperature control module Qmix TC2

    Temperature control module Qmix TC2

    The Qmix TC2 module is a two-channel control module for temperature control of external heating and cooling units (eg syringe heater). Each of the two control channels has a maximum power output of 160 watts (with external auxiliary power supply). For the measurement of the actual temperature, the module has 4 analog measuring inputs for PT100 sensors.

  • Valve module Qmix V

    Valve module Qmix V

    The Qmix V combines a custom multi-port-rotary valve in a compact housing as a useful system extension. It brings flexibility in your fluidic setup in terms of loading-, dispensing-, injecting- or splitting- purposes.

  • Pressure measurement module Qmix p

    Pressure measurement module Qmix p

    The 2-channel pressure measurement module Qmix p includes two custom pressure sensors (up to 1500psi) made from highly inert ceramics for precise measurements at different places in your fluidic setup.

  • In-/Output module Qmix I/O

    In-/Output module Qmix I/O

    The Qmix I/O module provides a variety of digital and analog inputs and outputs for integration of external devices and sensors.

  • Spectrometer module Qmix λ

    Spectrometer module Qmix λ

    The spectrometer module Qmix λ contains a custom high-quality, fast and precise online spectrometer for UV, VIS or NIR analysis. Because of the custom measurement-path length you are able to analyse also weak signals effectively.

  • Compact microscope module Qmix CAM

    Compact microscope module Qmix CAM

    With its 200-fold magnification and full integration into the QmixElements software the microscope module allows visualization of microfluidic operations live and in color within the QE environment. Capturing and storing of images is possible at any time.

  • Sampling module rotAXYS

    Sampling module rotAXYS

    The Qmix sample handling module rotAXYS is a complete 3-axis positioning system with minimal space demands. Within the Qmix system this module can be used for serial sample storage or for pipetting liquids into well plates etc..