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Valve Modules Valve Module Qmix V

Valve Modules Qmix V

with low-pressure fluidic valves for applications up to 9 bar (125 psi)

with high-pressure fluidic valves for applications up to 414 bar (6000 psi)

with high-torque fluidic valves for HPLC applications up to 1034 bar (15,000 psi)

Valve Module Qmix V

Valve Modules Qmix V

High performance multi-port valves

The Qmix Valve Modules combine custom-configurable high performance Rheodyne multi-port valves with a Qmix compatible valve controller in a compact housing.

The following Qmix V modules are available:

Qmix V modules - Qmix V EX, Qmix V HP and Qmix V HT

Qmix V EX - Low Pressure

Zero dead-volume

Rheodyne TitanEX valves are a high performance, low-pressure fluidic platform with zero dead-volume. They are perfectly suited for:

  • solvent selection
  • fraction collection
  • dispensation
  • process control/monitoring
  • IVD sample handling and preparation

    Qmix V HP - High Pressure

    For pressures up to 6000 psi
    (414 bar)

    Rheodyne TitanHP valves are extremely versatile and easy to use high-pressure valves for applications up to 6000 psi (414 bar), such as:

    • high-pressure switching
    • injection
    • column selection
    • nano-scale applications
    • sample clean-up/ enrichment
    • multidimensional chromatography

    Qmix V HT - High Torque

    HPLC Valve for high torques

    Designed for the high torque demands of the evolving HPLC market, these versatile, multi-position valves are rated up to 15,000 psi (1034 bar).

    • high-pressure switching
    • injection
    • column selection
    • sample clean-up/enrichment
    • multidimensional chromatography
    • very-high-pressure (VHP) applications,
    • nano-scale applications

      Software - QmixElements Valve Plugin

      With the QmixElements valve plugin you have all valve modules clearly in view and you can easily and quickly adjust the valve position of each single module. The names of all valves and even the name of each valve position are fully configurable and you can easily and quickly adapted them to the requirements of your application or your experimental setup.

      With the scripting capabilities of the valve plugin, you can easily integrate the valve modules in complex Qmix scripts. Thus, the switching of valve positions can be automated and synchronized with other Qmix modules or external devices.